Institute of Malaysian Plantation And Commodities (IMPAC) was established in 2011 as an integrated training centre aimed at producing knowledgeable and skilled workforce for the plantation and commodity sectors. IMPAC offers continuous training programs to reduce dependency on foreign workers. The courses are designed to impart knowledge and create a lot of opportunities for successful career path or the development of entrepreneurs in the plantation and commodity sectors

IMPAC website provides detailed information regarding IMPAC training courses. I hope this website could stimulate awareness on IMPAC training activities especially among local youths, smallholders and industry players. IMPAC will continue working towards enhancing the courses to cater for the need of the Malaysian plantation and commodity industries. More importantly, I expect the continuous training program will erase negative stigmas as regard to working in the plantations, subsequently increasing confidence of the participants in choosing the plantation and commodity sector as a career.

IMPAC is collaborating closely with industry players of the plantation and commodity industries as well as other government and private training institutes to provide synergy for the betterment of skill development of local workforce. Of prime importance is to ensure that the semi-skilled and skilled workforce which is the products of IMPAC comprehensive training could fulfil the requirement of the industry and will indirectly enhance national competitiveness in 2020 as stipulated under the National Commodity Policy.

With great pleasure, on behalf of IMPAC I cordially invite all participate in training courses conducted by IMPAC.

Thank you.


Institute of Malaysian Plantation And Commodities (IMPAC)

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