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Institute of Malaysian Plantation and Commodities

In response to government's aspiration toward improving employees' skills among local workers in the commodity sector, Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities has established a formal training institution namely Institute of Malaysian Plantation and Commodities (IMPAC) on 4th November 2010.


The main objective of IMPAC is to merge and coordinate all courses and training carried out by the different agencies under one organization.



Agencies involved are :

Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB)

Malaysian Rubber Board (MRB)

Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB)

Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB)

Malaysian Pepper Board (MPB)

National Kenaf and Tobacco Board (NKTB)


  • To become the central training unit for the training institutes of all agencies under Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC).

  • To offer general and specific courses for the plantation and commodity industries.

  • To optimize existing training resources under MPIC and agencies.

  • To produce trained human resources for the plantation and commodity sectors.

  • To coordinate and expand the coverage/scope of skill training.

Corporate Philosophy


“To become a dynamic and excellent international training centre that fulfils the requirements for the development of knowledgeable and skilled manpower and experts in the plantation and commodity industries”


“To produce knowledgeable and skilled workers through academic and skill-based training that meets the needs of the commodity industries”.

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